Bingham Academy

Bingham Academy’s long anticipated 75th alumni reunion was finally able to take place on the school’s campus in January 2023 after being delayed for nearly two years due to COVID and civil unrest. This four-day event brought together former staff and students from five decades. The event kicked off with a welcome day where old friends were reunited and new friendships were made. It was also a day of reflection, restoration, and healing for many as they were able to process their time at Bingham with counseling staff from SIM. During the second day of the reunion, our alumni enjoyed a fun and relaxing day at Entoto Park with lunch and a coffee ceremony at Kuriftu restaurant. The third day of the reunion was an amazing display of community as the current BA staff and students competed against BA alumni in a friendly football tournament. The energy and excitement of this day was reminiscent of previous sporting events and field days held at Bingham. The final night of the reunion included a catered dinner at Bingham Academy, where the current director, Kent Austell, presented about the Rise Capital Campaign project.

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